Appreciation is a promise to those you love, one that means you are thinking of them and are grateful for touching your life in a special way.  
With the ins and outs of the daily life, it can be easy to forget to show appreciation for all of the things that Moms around the world do. From being the center of the family, to bringing new life into the world, take the time to appreciate how special she is this Mother's Day ♥

 A Perfect Gift For those just starting their journey into motherhood:

When someone close to you brings someone new to love, create a Charming Birthstat Necklace that is a sweet reminder of the start of their new journey:

For The Best Mom in the World:

Don't forget to gift your love with a handcrafted sentiment from our collection. Created to hold memories. Let our crafted pieces illuminate what makes your mom special.
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A beautiful tree charm, for the woman who brings life into your world
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And Finally, For You: Make it Special 

Keep these precious moments close to your heart, whether you are just starting your journey into motherhood, or anywhere along the way. I truly hope that you feel the love and appreciation you deserve for bringing life into this world ♥
Keep your family close to your heart with our Family Tree Necklace:
 Or customize a name for each bar with this stylish piece:
It's my greatest privilege to be a part of the journeys of mothers, and to hold piece of their story with what I create. Everything brought into creation in my studio is done with abundant love,  and to share so much in common with you, makes every piece close to my heart ♥

April 05, 2017 — Dohee Lee