As an educator myself, it is my greatest pleasure seeing my students grow and embark on a new journey. Being a part of so many incredible and special stories, I want to personally congratulate the Class of 2017, as well as to give some advice to all those involved in making the day special!

Graduation day is an important time for everyone involved. From proud parents who are witnessing their journey into adulthood, friends who have grown alongside them, to siblings and relatives who are overfilled with love, here is my guide to make the Graduation day special with a curated list of gift ideas!


Tips For Parents: Preparing Your Grad

Tip 1: Start the day with alone time with your graduate
I love the idea of taking time to make special memories that you can look back on. I recommend treating your grad to breakfast to beat those pre-ceremony jitters before the day begins.
You are sure to be just as busy making your grad’s celebration the one to remember, but leave the excessive planning aside. You will remember a sweet conversation you had before the event started much more than all of the planning that went into the day. Share your stories about when they were young and remind them of all that they achieved through the years. Be sure to inspire them and let them know that you have full confidence that they will reach whatever they set out to accomplish.
Plus, it’s also a perfect time to add some sparkle to their day with memorable gifts!


Tip 2: Gift inspirational pieces

Your graduate is sure to be nervous of what is to come, so be there with inspiring words that they will carry with them throughout the day. Through the years, they’ve grown to learn that your wisdom speaks louder than their doubts, even when they may not always show it. So encourage your grad with our inspirational necklace, so that they can have a piece of your guidance close to their heart!

Personalized Inspirational Necklace

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    Tip 3: Make YOUR day special

    Remember that it is because of your endless support and love that they are reaching new heights. It is not only your grad’s special day but also yours! After years of support and guiding them through it all, their success reflects everything that they have learned from you!

    Personalized Bar Necklace

    Treat yourself and share your pride with a sweet customized piece that commemorates the day just like this UCR MOM necklace. You can customize your necklace to have your grad’s school, hand-stamped just for you. CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE



    Tips for Friends: Celebrating Graduation Together

    Tip 1: Always remember that “Wherever we fly this isn't Goodbye”

    The friends made during years of school together is stronger than any amount of miles. Remind your grad of the things that they have overcome, as well as the things there are to look forward to.

    Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

    Not sure where to start? Think of the time you met and let them know how special they were to you since day one! Celebrate your friendship with a sweet matching bracelet, with the coordinates to where you two have first met. CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE


    Tip 2: Make a banner to hold up as they stride across the stage

    And be sure to be the loudest in the room, because the loudest loves you the most right?

    Tip 3: A piece of you, a piece of me

    Getting a set of matching necklaces is my favorite idea for making graduation day special. It’s also a super sweet way to thank them for always being there. Keep it as a reminder that you will always stay close no matter where you end up after graduation.

    Karma Friendship Necklace

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    Tips For Family: Fill the Day with Love and Celebration

    Tip 1: Don't overload them with questions about the future

    Truth is, your recent grad is overwhelmed at the sea of opportunities placed at their feet. Be the stronghold that they can rely on through the craziness and butterflies that graduation brings. Let’s focus on your grad’s accomplishments and the excitement that the future holds. Today is about celebrating, so make sure to bring the fun! Enjoy the day to the fullest and be the love and support they need.


    Tip 2: Gift her with what she loves

    When celebrating the accomplishments of your loved ones, be sure to make it special and gift from our bestselling artisan crafted collections.  


    Personalized Initial Necklace:

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    I personally think a compass necklace is the most meaningful go to gift. Perfect for all ages and styles, you cannot go wrong!  The symbolism of the compass will give your grad courage to go forward in their journey with confidence.


    Personalized Compass Keychain

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    Personalized Coordinates Necklace

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    Remember, you can always ask us to include a handwritten note with our select Graduation gift packaging to make gifting even more special. You can leave your note in the buyer’s comments and we will be happy to include it.

    I so look forward to all of your custom gift ideas for the Class of 2017. Whether it be the little details that make the day special or the grand ceremony, don't forget to make this journey special. Make memories that will last in your heart and celebrate this special achievement. My greatest happiness is being a part of your special moments and I congratulate your grads on all of their successes. 






    May 15, 2017 — Dohee Lee