Graduation is fast approaching, along with a whirlwind of memories and decisions to be made. You are officially the graduating Class of 2017, and you have made it through four years of arduous study sessions and all-nighters. The time spent endlessly in the library sobbing over finals week, missing home, and best of all, having the time of your life, is quickly coming to an end. You are now expected to enter the world of “adulting” which brings both challenges and a ton of perks.

So of course, your graduation day should be as special as the memories that have led you to this point. Which is also why I have curated a list of my favorite gifts for celebrating YOUR day, and commemorating all that you have accomplished.

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Tip 1: Match with your Baes

During this special time, it is so important to hold onto the memories you have made and to cherish those who have pulled you through the tough times. My favorite way to thank those who have made a difference is to share meaningful moments with them. This can be as simple as a thank you note with a small gift like a custom necklace, checkout my faves for gifting below: 


Coordinate Necklace

Remember “Wherever We Fly This Isn't Goodbye” with a set of our coordinate necklaces.
It is a personal way to keep an important place and all of the memories made with you wherever you go. 
My favorite customization is to stamp each side with matching coordinates on the front and your graduating year on the other side. CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE


    Class of 2017 Necklace

    Need a gift fast? Checkout our Class of 2017 bar necklace exclusively available on Amazon Prime for 2 day delivery.
    Rep your class with this trendy and meaningful keepsake that commemorates all of the memories you’ve made together over the years. Gift matching sets to your closest friends, so your whole squad is on point. SHOP YOURS HERE

    Tip 2: Celebrate those who helped you through it all

    Don’t forget to thank your parents for everything they have done to make this special moment possible! There is no better way to let them know that you appreciate them than gifting them a customized piece created by you! Cherish the moments that matter most by making a list of your parents' famous sayings or silly memories. Pick the sweetest one and get your custom message stamped on a personal gift like on one of our signature keychains. 


    Personalized Keychain

    You can add an extra special touch to this gift and request your own handwriting to be stamped on the bar. Create your own special message or stamp coordinates to home and let them know that wherever you go, home will always have your heart. CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE


    Classic Disc Necklace
    Gift your mentor or favorite professor this customized and classic staple. A perfect way to end a successful professional relationship and to welcome future collaborations.  It is also perfect for a "thank you", especially for that glowing recommendation letter. CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE

    Tip 3: Celebrate your accomplishments

    Mark this special time in your life and recognize your achievements! Treat yourself with one of our sweet designs! Dress it up or down, for just the right amount of shine and glamour. 


     Personalized Bar Bracelet

    You can create your own perfectly unique reminder of all that you have done with one of our personalized bracelets. Show off your brains and sass with a custom bracelet, like this one that says 1 degree hotter! CUSTOMIZE YOURS HERE


    Karma Necklace

    Prepare for graduation day by getting one of our Karma necklaces. Look stylish and keep this symbol of positivity close for good vibes that will last. The modern circular charm is trendy and represents holding happy moments eternally close to your heart. SHOP HERE

    Disc Compass Necklace

    Walk the stage in confidence and style with our disc compass necklace. This necklace can be personalized with an initial on the disc, with the sweet compass on the other disc. The compass symbolizes your journey and that you are ready to keep moving forward, wherever your dreams take you. SHOP HERE


    Tip 4: Be your own inspiration!

    Your day is sure to be filled with jitters and excitement! Think about this milestone as just the beginning! Whether you are already planning one epic summer before entering the world of adulting, or making last minute changes to your resume, I hope you get ready to take on what is next with these tips to success: 

    • Put your creativity and all that you have learned into practice! If you have done any research, create a portfolio of your best works. Submit some of your research to be published. Nothing is more impressive to future employers or grad schools than a published researcher!
    • Start a new project. Always wanted to get into photography but never had the time with your course load? Venture into new projects that matter by combining your passion of learning with something creative. The best ideas come out of doing what you love. 
    • Set your next milestone. Start a log of things that you want to accomplish in the next six months after graduation and set deadlines for your goals. This will make you accountable, prepared, and focused on making your dreams happen.
      • Make sure your goals are both realistic and challenging so you can continue to achieve great things.
      • Remember that the journey up to your next accomplishment is the best part. You will run into challenges along the way, but it will only make you stronger and prepared for what is next.
    • Write yourself a letter to look back on with a list of all of the achievements you are most proud of. It sounds silly, but years down the line, it will be awesome to look back on how you survived that insane professor and got an A on that impossible final!
    • Take a break! Don't be afraid of not having that dream job lined up right away, take the time to find yourself and take advantage of your new freedom by traveling or exploring your interests. 

      As an educator, it is my greatest pleasure to congratulate the Class of 2017 on their success and accomplishments. I hope that you keep all of your special memories close to your heart, and never forget to make it special.



      May 24, 2017 — Dohee Lee