Often, while life gets busy with our busy day to day routines, we settle into our own worlds. While this is where special moments can take place, I have been thinking a lot about special moments a little ways from home. This feeling is often called wanderlust, the desire to seek something outside of routine.
I got the idea of talking about wanderlust while looking through Instagram posts of all of you sharing your coordinate jewelry stories. My greatest love in being an artisan is learning about the people who I share my art with. There are so many incredible people who have customized special places from Florida, to Spain, and really, to every part of the globe, each with an incredible story to tell. I though it would be special to bring your stories together, along with some tips for traveling near and far. 



Keep it Simple:
There is such a sense of adventure and newness in exploring the world around us, even if it's a day's road trip away. Even on short trips there is always the biggest temptation to pack every outfit you could need in a three day span. My biggest travel tip is to keep it simple with pieces that can be dressed up or down. And do not forget to take selfies with your favorite pieces. Thanks to @ginnymelby for sharing this Norwegian customization!




Put a coordinate on love:
My favorite personalization requests are coordinates of proposals and wedding sites. Such a romantic way to carry that place and moment with you on your next adventure!  Here's how @beingmrsgiles customized her handcrafted piece. 



Keep home close: 
 While traveling is a beautiful experience, at the end of the day keeping home close to your heart, wherever you may be traveling to is ever so sweet ♥ Like @the_homeplace who was surprised with a special gift while being miles away from where she grew up.



Share your story with me! Stay connected on IG @mignonandmignon! I'd love to see where you take us next! ❤
March 09, 2017 — Dohee Lee