Hello! I'm Dohee. And Let's Get Personal

November 14, 2016 1 Comment

Hello! I'm Dohee. And Let's Get Personal

It wasn’t until very recently that I started managing my company’s social media account.

Initially, we had our staff take turns posting random product pictures to promote our shop. I soon realized that it was starting to be very impersonal and detached. And I never wanted my shop to be a mere monetary transaction between the seller and the buyer, nevertheless our social media account to be a reflection of such.

I mean, it’s always important to know who it is, and what kind of person it is that you’re entrusting to create something so special, so valuable, and so meaningful to you. But with the new social media algorithms, I found it harder to connect and share with you guys.

So here it is! A personal blog into my life, a reflection who I am, how your moments are recreated into a timeless, one and only pieces, and what makes each and every piece so special and precious.

Hello! I’m Dohee, mother of my sweet angel Luna, a professional collaborative pianist, high school teacher, counselor, and founder and artisan at Mignon&Mignon Jewelry. And let’s get personal.


My first blog post “Holiday Gift Guide” coming up next Friday!

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